Telling Stories & Creating Brands

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Great headshots help people feel confident and empowered. They also set a tone for both
personal and professional brands.
Clients can book sessions in my studio in Washington DC’s Shaw neighborhood or at their place of business.


Marketing. Architecture and Design. Fashion. Performing Arts. Sports. Events. Boudoir/Body. Landscape. Documentary. News. Conceptual/Fine Art.
I can shoot it all, and I have. Whether you are an individual seeking to improve your personal brand or an organization launching a campaign, contact me to discuss your needs.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ben several times- for my engagement photos, a film project, and for office head shots. Ben has always found a way to make these experiences relaxed and light-hearted by gently helping us all through our own awkwardness and creating an atmosphere of playful camaraderie. With his keen ability to keep his subjects in a natural and relaxed place, his final product showcases people in their best possible light. There’s nothing stiff, posed, or generic about his work and I’m always in awe of seeing his creativity come to life. 

Edith Gregson
Edith Gregson
Partner, JD Ireland & Associates